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Football Guff awards 2018

Football Guff

Sam Allardyce, when not mocking other managers or getting sacked for impropriety, often talks utter nonsense, and the following statement is both ludicrous and just the kind of thing we expect from ‘Big Sam’.

Money has just brought more instability than ever before, and it’s managers who suffer the most.

Football Guff Lifetime Achievement

Michael Owen needs no introduction for fans of football gaffes. has done far too much sterling work in the name of football gibberish to miss out for any longer on a Plain English Campaign award. We’re delighted to confirm his place as a vanguard of mealy-mouthed football nonsense, and hope that he continues his rich vein of often senseless, idiotic commentary.

  • That’s an unstoppable shot, but the keeper has to do better there.
  • He’s given the referee no choice but to consider his options.
  • When they don’t score they hardly ever win.
  • If there’s a bit of rain about, it makes the surface wet.
  • It’s hit the facial part of his head.
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