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Drivel Defence


We are pleased to announce Drivel Defence, a software package that will help you to check the use of plain English!

Please note: Drivel Defence uses JavaScript to run, so you will need to have this enabled in your browser. Click on the link below to check your settings.

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Nowadays, a lot of written material is produced on computer, so wouldn't it be good if the computer could help you to check it? That is exactly what Drivel Defence does. It includes the following two tools.

  • Drivel Defence for Web. This is a tool specifically to help website developers check whether the content of web pages is in plain English. To use it you must download it and run it on your own computer.

Both programs can give you a detailed report on your use of Plain English, but neither makes any changes. This leaves you in control. Use them to keep drivel at bay.

We are extremely grateful to John Rugg, for developing the programs, and to the University of the West of England who carried out independent testing.

These programs are provided free, unsupported and unguaranteed. However, please e-mail any comments you have to us here with 'Drivel Defence' in the subject header. This will help us to improve the programs. Also, keep an eye on our Drivel Defence frequently asked questions page.


Both programs are quite small, so they should download very quickly. The programs are JavaScript based web page files. Nothing is actually installed on your computer, you just need to put the files together in one folder on your computer. Because the programs are just web pages, they should run on any operating system that has a recent web browser.

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