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2017 Awards

Here are all this year’s Plain English Campaign Award winners.

While 2017 was hardly a vintage year for plain English, what with ‘alternative facts’ and continuing Brexit confusion, there was still much to applaud.

Well done to the likes of John Major, CNN, The Grammar Vigilante and Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England.

Former PM John Major urged politicians away from ‘puerile’ slogans, a suggestion never likely to be heeded by Kick in the Pants recipients Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway. CNN continued to provide ‘real news’ despite the President’s continuing attacks. The Grammar Vigilante made daring corrective after-hours raids on badly-written shop signs. And Anne Longfield cleared the way for parents, as well as children, to understand Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Elsewhere, Jacob Rees-Mogg, in describing food banks as ‘rather uplifting’, struck a late blow to perennial Foot in Mouth Award contenders Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, and is this year’s worthy winner.

And Gordon Strachan’s ‘genetics’ rant was nonsensical enough to prompt our new ‘Football Guff’ award.

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