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Plain English communicators 2013

For clear spoken public communications from an individual or organisation.

The 2013 plain English communicator is:

Gary Neville

In a move so successful it arguably led to a sea change at Match of the Day, Neville began his key Sky role at the beginning of last season. It was a bold choice: Neville had been a partisan (and often provocative) player for Manchester United, the member of the side so staunchly ‘Red’ that other fans loved to hate him.

But Neville has quickly convinced any doubters: he is a neutral, intelligent, insightful presence during live games, is never dull (unlike the vast majority of pundits) and completely convinces as an expert voice of reason. He is as impassioned as he was as a player but has managed to channel that into clear and interesting analysis of the intricacies of the game. He is already arguably the best in his field and sets the standard.

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