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Pat on the Back 2013

Andrew Rawnsley

Andrew Rawnsley is a leading British political journalist and broadcaster. Since 1993 he has been The Observer’s Chief Political Commentator and Associate Editor. He has won a string of prestigious prizes, including Channel 4 Political Journalist of the Year, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

He is highly regarded by his fellow journalists. The Independent called him ‘an outstanding journalist of flawless integrity’ and, according to the Guardian, he is ‘a serious journalist with serious sources. He oozes credibility.’

Whether writing in the press or making one of his regular broadcasts, Andrew manages to cut through political rhetoric to present the facts clearly and concisely.

He has 59,842 followers on Twitter which puts paid to the idea that people have switched off from politics. What people want is a clear account of what our politicians are doing and saying, and that is what Andrew provides.

We have received this response from Andrew Rawnsley.

'Thank you. I am genuinely flattered to receive such an accolade from an organisation I have always admired.'

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