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Plain English awards 2013

These awards are for the clearest documents of the year (on any subject).

Below are the winners for 2013

Winston's Wish - the charity for bereaved children

  • You just don't understand
  • Our impact 2012/2013
  • The family has been informed

These publications are written to help parents and professionals deal with the aftermath of a death and they are written in a clear, unambiguous language and style.

Although dealing with a difficult subject, the books are well-designed, bright and contain invaluable support.

Prostate Cancer UK

  • Prostatitis
  • Diet, activity and your risk of prostate cancer
  • What do you know about your prostate?
  • Follow-up after prostate cancer treatment
  • What is my risk of prostate cancer?

These well-written and well-designed booklets and leaflets give straightforward answers to many of the questions men and their families may have.

The information is clear, easy to read and presented in a conversational, non-threatening way.

We are Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Feel more like you

This book explains changes that might occur to skin, hair and nails during cancer treatments and how to deal with these changes. It is written in clear, straightforward language and presents information in short paragraphs and bulleted lists. At a stressful time, clear, well-written information is vital and this booklet provides just that.

Ford Property Maintenance

  • Staff handbook

This is one of the best staff handbooks that we have judged for a Plain English award. It is clear and unambiguous. It explains quite simply what the company expects of an employee and what an employee can expect of the company.

Borough of Pendle

  • Recycle week special
  • Recycle for Pendle

Although recycling is not the most exciting of subjects, staff at the Borough of Pendle have produced material that is well-written and attractive. If residents need encouragement to read anything about recycling, this is the sort of material that will get their attention.

Change4Life and Public Health England

  • Don’t let drink sneak up on you

Although this booklet doesn’t conform to our usual design guidelines, we feel that its ‘cartoon’ feel and bright colours are likely to appeal to its intended audience.

The tone is friendly and the emphasis is on changing behaviour to reduce drinking rather than stopping drinking altogether. The language is clear and even though cartoonish characters are used, the serious message about cutting back on alcohol is not lost.

Imagine Publishing

  • Photography for beginners

These magazines give clear, simple explanations and instructions that even the most inexperienced photographer can follow. As you would expect, the illustrations are excellent and support the step-by-step instructions.

Although the title is ‘Photography for beginners’ it is hard to believe even more seasoned photographers won’t find something of interest in these well-written and designed publications.

Social Care Institute for Excellence and Think Local Act Personal

  • Social care jargon buster

This jargon buster explains what 52 commonly-used social care words and phrases mean. It uses clear language and short sentences to explain some of the terms which are widely used.

It is written for people in the care system and, by using personal pronouns (you, your), it makes the definitions relevant to the reader.

Midlands Co-operative Society, Leicestershire Partnership Board and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • Healthy eating 5 a day recipe pack

This book, with its emphasis on tasty, healthy food, would encourage anyone to have a go at cooking. Each ingredient, each piece of equipment and each stage of the recipes is illustrated, making this ideal for anyone who has problems reading and understanding standard recipe books.

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