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Plain English letter-writing online course

Since the 1970s we have run our plain English courses for all kinds of organisations, training their staff in the techniques and benefits of using plain English.

Nobody wants to waste time trying to understand wordy, jargon-filled documents. And nobody thinks kindly of the people who write them! We train writers to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, and to ask ‘How would I feel if I received this and what would I think of the organisation sending it?’

Training objectives

The course is designed to give delegates the skills and awareness they need to:

  • recognise some of the traps a writer can fall into;
  • understand the features of a plain English style;
  • understand the importance of plain English in caring for customers;
  • realise how important writing style is in projecting an image of themselves and their organisation; and
  • avoid wasting time by getting their message across first time and using a style and tone appropriate for the intended audience.

The course will cover the following.

  • Introduction to the course
  • Is the information as clear as possible?
  • Is the style appropriate for the audience?
  • Shortening sentences
  • Suggestions for clear writing
  • Being active about passives
  • Righting some writing wrongs
  • Revealing hidden verbs
  • Using lists
  • Setting out and organising good documents and letters
  • Planning and drafting a complete letter


Ordering a place on the Plain English letter-writing online course

The course costs £100 plus VAT (total price £120). You use the course on a password-protected website. You will have unlimited access to the course for two weeks.


We can accept payment with the following cards.

Mastercard payments supported by WorldPay Visa Credit payments supported by WorldPay Visa Debit payments supported by WorldPayMaestro payments supported by WorldPay diners club international discover Solo payments supported by WorldPay JCB 


To order a place on this course, phone us on 01663 744409 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We will take your card details, process the payment and send you a receipt. If you would prefer to pay by BACs, we can send you a VAT invoice.

If you want to order a number of courses, email us for an order form.

Please note that your username and password to log in to the course will be sent to you during the working day after you have made your payment.


Refunds may be given at the discretion of the management.

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