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Website reviews

What makes a website clear?

Is it just writing in plain English?

Our review will tell you whether your language is suitable for your audience. If it is not, we can help you. If you do not have plain English editing skills in-house, we have editing services available.

Plain English is certainly a start. But, if people can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, then plain English is wasted. So, what do you need to make sure that visitors to your site can find what they’re looking for?

  • Is your site navigation clear, obvious and simple?
  • Have you divided your site into clear sections?
  • Can visitors to your site move easily between these sections?
  • How easy is it for visitors to your site to work out where they are on it? There are places for mazes in this world, but your website is not one of them.
  • Is your website ‘easy on the eye’ with crisp, clear text that doesn’t fade into the background because of insufficient contrast?
  • Are you excluding some of your audience? Have you thought about accessibility?

Our website review covers all of the above and more. While we do use some online tools, this is not a computer-generated report. As well as using a checklist to get rid of common mistakes, we approach your website as though we are an ordinary site visitor.

If your site doesn’t come up to standard, don’t worry.

If you aren’t clear what you need to do after reading our review, just contact us. Feedback and guidance are both included in the review price.

Once you have made our recommended changes, just ask us to review the site again.

As long as you do this within a reasonable timescale (usually three to six months, but no more than one year), we will not charge for reviewing the same site again.

However, if you have completely rebuilt the site, we would expect you to pay for a new review.

A website review costs £300 + VAT. Once you have passed the review, you can apply to display Plain English Campaign’s Internet Crystal Mark logo on your site.

If you want to ask for a website review, or would like more information, email, or phone 01663 744409.

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