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Crystal Mark

The Crystal Mark logo

This section of the site tells you how to apply for the Crystal Mark and gives guidelines on what we look for. There is also information about the Internet Crystal Mark, and the 'Approved by' logo. For information about the corporate membership logo and benefits, please visit the corporate membership section.

The Crystal Mark is our seal of approval for the clarity of a document. It now appears on over 24,000 different documents in the UK and in other countries including the USA, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and South Africa. It is the only internationally-recognised mark of its kind.

Launched in 1990, and the first mark of its kind, the Crystal Mark is now used by over 2,000 organisations who want to provide the clearest possible information.

You can view a list of organisations which currently have a Crystal Mark on one or more of their documents.

There is a fee for the Crystal Mark unless you are a corporate member. The fee for the Crystal Mark is normally £500 + VAT. However, we may be able to group a number of documents together so you only pay the fee once. Or, if you only have one small document, we will reduce this fee to £150 + VAT.

Please note: the Crystal Mark fee does not include editing fees. You can find any information you may need about these on our ‘editing services’ page.

The Crystal Mark fee allows us to edit any subsequent minor changes to any Crystal Marked document, free of charge. This way you don't have to worry about any ongoing editing charges as you make minor alterations.

We provide a separate Crystal Mark for each document we approve. Each Crystal Mark has its own identification number. This helps us to identify your document if we are contacted by a member of the public.

For information about our editing services please go to the editing services section.

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