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Job titles

Some years ago, a national survey found that some people would rather have a grander job title than a pay rise. This might seem astonishing, but upgrading job titles is becoming more and more popular as employers try to keep their staff happy.

Here are some examples.

  • Space consultant (estate agent)
  • Ambient replenishment controllers (shelf stackers)
  • Revenue Protection Officer (ticket inspector)
  • Foot health gain facilitator (chiropodist)
  • Head of Verbal Communications (secretary)
  • Technical horticultural maintenance officer (gardener)
  • Flueologist (chimney sweep)
  • Dispatch services facilitator (post room worker)
  • Regional head of services, infrastructure and procurement (caretaker)
  • Knowledge navigator (teacher)

And here are some strange job descriptions.

  • Professional Assistant at a hospital
    ' will enjoy the satisfaction of assisting people in their safe and time effective discharge pathways from an acute hospital setting.'
  • Administrative Assistant in the NHS Trust
    'An exciting opportunity to join a newly formed Service Modernisation Team which will lead the drive for even better practice and will play a significant role in creating a self-generating culture of improvement.'
  • Principle Corporate Officers / Organisation Communication Strategists
    '...are likely to be asked to implement strategic communication or provide high-level input into the development of strategic vision.'
  • Technical Enablement Leader
    '...has specific responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of New Business Technical Requirements are fully scoped both in gathering current infrastructural parameters of the sending organisation framework and in determining comparative requirements through exercise of due diligence on current and anticipated infrastructures to support ongoing business continuity in the Location. Specific responsibilities covered in due diligence exercise to incorporate the following task performance.'

    'Interlock with Onsite Facilities Team to determine space requirements
    Obtain and assign Account Specific IDs and Application Accesses
    Interlock with Telephony in determining current sending org infrastructure and Dublin requirements
    Scope Reporting - requirements / application accesses
    Give overview on achievable timelines for Technical Enablement completion
    Perform Site reviews of sending organisation infrastructures as part of Due Diligence
    Provide Status via weekly meeting to Project team - maintaining Risk and Issue log.'
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