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Health and medical jargon


'You should either take ciprofoxacin 1-2 hours before eating or drinking dairy products or avoid eating and drinking these products for four hours after taking ciprofoxacin.'

(From a leaflet accompanying Ciprofloxacin tablets)

'The criteria are embedded within an indication of needs matrix, encompassing the contiuum of care needs. The criteria for fullyl funded NHS care (levels 5-6) are designed to take account of the needs of those only at the most complex end of the continuum. The vast majority of those in receipt of care from health and social care services are provided from a range of mainstream services, which are available to all according to their need, or packages of support provided jointly by health and social care working in partnership (levels 1-4).''

(From a letter to a patient from an NHS Trust)

'Ward Philosophy: To improve the quality of life in a caring, safe and secure environment with self-care encouraged and, although involving an element of risk, with as little disruption to the patient's own daily routine as possible. To achieve this goal a good nurse/patient relationship is encouraged with individualised care plans enabling staff to highlight specific problems and needs.

The learners should be made aware of the condition, problems and requirements specific to the speciality to enable them to assist safely in the care of patients and complete care plans with confidence. The overall ward atmosphere should be such that patients are able to relax and be as free of anxieties as possible. The learners should be involved in the ward management within their limitations - thus forming an essential part of the ward team.'

(From a notice displayed in a hospital ward)

'The Royal Free is committed to joining the Children's and Young People's Partnership consisting of Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust, North Middlesex University Hospital, the Whittington Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Members of the partnership aim to work together to provide the highest quality sustainable services for children and young people that best meet their needs. They value the work done by the primary care trusts under 'Healthy Start, Healthy Futures', recognising that rearrangement of services in North Central London is required. The Royal Free has concluded that, subject to consultation, it is likely that children's in-patient beds will move off site and have decided to explore an ambulatory model that supports out-patients, attendances at A&E and day care work.

(From a joint statement from the Royal Free Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital)

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