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Plain English communicator 2019

Led by Donkeys

Led by Donkeys do something very simple and important. They present to the public in different locations, on posters and with projected video footage, quotes or comments that politicians would surely rather forget. These quotes and comments are often deeply embarrassing for the simple reason that they run counter to a contrary, recently expressed opinion. And so the quotes and comments expose the speakers as hypocrites and liars.

We value this as a crucial public service. Not everyone reads every political quote, and most people have no reason to suspect that someone they saw on the news might be lying. So when they see video footage of Boris Johnson defending of the EU, or Jacob Rees Mogg arguing on behalf of a second referendum, they might be excused for wondering what and who to believe.

Ultimately, Led by Donkeys offer a startling reproof against shameless dishonesty. You’d hope that a news story – and Led by Donkeys are by now notorious – covering an excruciating moment that simply doesn’t tally with a recent commitment might give caution to political conmen and women. If Nicky Morgan trying to tell us that 19,000 currently-employed nurses are in fact to be considered ‘new’, you wonder how bad political discourse might yet get. But such shamelessness is there to be mocked – for the satirical relief, and hopefully long-term good, of all of us.

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