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Plain English communicator 2016

James Westhead (Teach First)

Education charity Teach First were behind an amusing but telling video earlier this year. In it, children from two schools had a go at explaining various jargon terms.

There is, of course, a serious point being made. Horrible business phrases such as ‘peel back the onion’ and ‘square the circle’ are clearly nonsense – and are hilariously skewered by the children in the video.

And the truth is, you’re probably just as, if not more, likely to get a meaningful explanation of jargon terms from children than you are from the adults that continue to peddle them.

Teach First deserve great credit for debunking some dreadful terms whilst putting a smile on our faces.

James Westhead, Executive Director of External Relations at Teach First, said: ‘We’re all guilty of slipping into management speak from time to time, but you’re never in need of a workplace interpreter when you’re working with children. Pupils have an uncanny ability to make sense of the nonsensical and are the most creative, inspiring colleagues you’ll ever work with. No two days with them will ever be the same.’

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