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Tips on plain English for medical writers in-house course

The course will interest you if you work for:

  • the Health Service;
  • an NHS Trust; or
  • a company in the health sector.

The morning session will cover Plain English Campaign’s main recommendations for clearer writing.

(Note: if you have been on the one-day ‘plain English course’ in the last year or so, you will find you have already covered these recommendations.)

Examples will cover such techniques as:

  • writing short sentences;
  • using bullet points;
  • being ‘active’ not ‘passive’; and
  • using verbs to emphasise action.

The afternoon session will focus on design techniques and editing examples of medical literature.

The day is very interactive, and will include such topics as:

  • hospital appointment letters;
  • patient information leaflets; and
  • ‘over-the-counter’ medicines.

Ordering the 'Tips on plain English for medical writers' course as an in-house course:

We run the course at your offices, over one day. The programme is flexible and can be adapted to your own specific needs. Some of the sessions cover techniques of plain English, and others concentrate on either practical case studies we provide or your own documents. If possible, we like to use your own material so that we are using familiar and meaningful documents to reinforce the techniques.

If you have any questions about this course, or if you want to make a booking, please phone George on 01663 744409 or email

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