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A bibliography gives the reader a guide to the books, newspapers and so on that you have used or quoted from.

There are certain guidelines that you should try to keep to.

  • Write the author's name (surname first, then the initial of their first name) followed by the title of the publication, the publisher and finally the date of publication.
  • An appropriate heading for the page is 'References' or 'Acknowledgements'.
  • Start with an introductory sentence to explain that the page lists the documents you have used or referred to.
  • List the publications with the authors' surnames in alphabetical order.
  • Put the references at the end of the book.


To produce this document, we referred to the following books.

K, Jazz shoes, Morgan Productions, 1970
Drabble M, Trojan horses, Bracewell Books, 2006
Smith D, The big book of true things, The Shop, 1998


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