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You may know about our Internet Crystal Mark (ICM), which has been earned by hundreds of websites worldwide. We now also offer an alternative Webcheck service.

The ICM is ideal for businesses or councils: large organisations looking for rigorous checks and our iconic accreditation, which can make all the difference to their branding and reputation.

For some time, we’ve had enquiries about an alternative website service, something less expensive and extensive, for more low-key enterprises.

You may have your own personal website and want it checking for the basic essentials, rather than the numerous tests we run as part of our ICM. You may need a writing polish, rather than a full site examination. You may want a mark of excellence without going to great lengths or expense to get one.

While our Webcheck does not offer the usual level of accreditation, like the ICM, the Webcheck logo will still show that your site has passed presentation and readability tests and meets our proficiency standards. As part of a Webcheck assessment, we will look at the standard of your website text, rewrite as appropriate under your guidance, check how accessible and well designed your site is, and offer suggestions for general improvements.

If you then want to make changes to your website, let us know and we’ll have a look. If there are no problems, nothing will change. If you’ve added lots of extra text, or your existing text has changed, you may need to pay an additional amount, or lose the right to display our logo.

We charge between £150 and £300 for this service, depending on its size (up to 1500 words content), and can check and sign-off your website within a couple of days. If you simply want your website checked as a one-off, we can do that. If you want to retain our Webcheck logo for more than 12 months, there’s a yearly £50 charge.

To find out more about Webcheck, phone us on 01663 744409, or email

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