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Approved by

Approved by logo

This is our seal of approval for documents not suitable for the Crystal Mark. Eligible documents include regularly changing texts like magazines and newsletters, and other documents such as instruction manuals.

When we assess a document as part of an ‘Approved by’ accreditation, we carry out rigorous checks, like those we use with the Crystal Mark. We’re looking for clear layout and design, and audience-appropriate language.

We charge £500 + VAT for this assessment. For corporate members, there’s a 50% reduction in the fee. For texts that regularly change, there’s a £500 yearly charge to retain the ‘Approved by’ logo. In the case of an instruction manual, or any text that will not change each year, there is no recurring fee.

With magazines, we ask to look at three issues before we can approve them, and we then look at each issue as it’s published. If necessary, we then provide you with relevant feedback.

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