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Protecting your pot - the plain English guide to pensions

Ending retirement company gobbledygook – Annuity Direct team up with Plain English Campaign to produce a pensions guide which everyone can understand (not just the actuaries).

Finally, a pensions guide ordinary people will understand.

  • Joint operation to promote ‘ordinary language to ordinary people’.
  • Free guide covers vital areas of retirement planning.
  • Easy-to-download PDF format.

In a move designed to change the face of UK pensions' and retirement literature, specialist retirement-advice service Annuity Direct have joined forces with Plain English Campaign. Together they have produced an easy-to-follow guide to the most important retirement questions.

Plain English Campaign (PEC) chose Annuity Direct as their partner to update their guide. Annuity Direct has a long-established and prominent position in providing advice on retirement strategies.

The guide covers the main areas in pensions planning, from occupational to private and state pensions. It examines some of the main issues affecting the rights of ordinary people when it comes to claiming their retirement income.

At a time when the pensions issue is so prominent, the guide is vital for anyone who wants to understand the terms used by the pensions industry.

Annuity Direct CEO Bob Bullivant said: ”We welcome the opportunity to update this pensions guide with Plain English Campaign.

“For far too long the literature of the retirement industry has been characterised by jargon and antiquated language which few outside of self-interested actuaries and pensions’ company marketing people can understand.

“Plain English Campaign is the perfect partner in this enterprise, having long campaigned to persuade pensions’ company bosses that their literature alienates the majority of the population.”

Marie Clair, PEC spokeswoman said: ”Annuity Direct have proved to be the ideal partner for this campaign. Together we will improve the consumer’s understanding on the subject of pensions and annuities by updating our literature.

“The pensions industry has had its own way for far too long. It suits actuaries and the marketing men to issue literature which is not only hard to understand, but top-heavy in language that has become so archaic it is of little or no value to anyone who is preparing for their retirement.”

Download a copy of the pension guide (PDF, 936KB).

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