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Debenhams clears up coffee confusion

Debenhams has provided customers with a ‘plain English’ coffee menu, replacing potentially confusing terms such as ‘Cappuccino’ and ‘Caffe latte’ with ‘frothy coffee’ and ‘really really milky coffee’.

So, rather than ordering something that sounds exotic but which you’re not entirely sure about, you can now get precisely what you want in no uncertain terms.

The move will surely go down well with the 70% of coffee customers who have suggested that they have experienced ‘coffee confusion’. Rather than mull over buying a ‘mocha’, customers can now be certain that what they’re getting is ‘chocolate flavoured coffee’.

And do you know what size ‘tall’ (small) or ‘venti’ (extra large) is? This is no longer an issue at Debenhams: it’s now a simple case of ‘mug’ or ‘cup’.

Chrissie Maher, Founder Director of Plain English Campaign, is delighted at the move. ”Whether it’s coffee, tea or chocolate, it needs to be in plain English so the customers can make an informed choice. If they can read the menu clearly, they are more likely to try something new – and who knows – they may come back for more.“

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