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Liverpool well-rooted in plain English

Plain English Campaign have been packing their bags in excitement, ready for a return to their roots in Liverpool to celebrate the Capital of Culture. The exhibition at Liverpool Town Hall will be opened by Lord Mayor Steve Rotheram with VIP guest John Barnes and other guest involvement from local musicians Young Kof and MC Inferno, and authors, Lucy van Amerongen, Caroline Taggart, Steve Colgan, and Peter Grant who all acknowledge the benefits of the appropriate message for the intended audience.

Public viewing of the exhibition will take place from Tuesday 21 October. Plain English Campaign are encouraging the school leavers and young people of Liverpool to use plain English to communicate and refresh their language skills with free training sessions during the week.

We are also running a competition for young people in Liverpool to create a song, poem or piece of prose about their rights to clear communication.

The event recognises and applauds the efforts of the people of Liverpool in building what has become a worldwide cause. Giving the public the right to information they can understand and act upon for assist their daily lives was a fight that started almost 30 years ago with the UK’s first community newspaper in Tuebrook and now more people everywhere, are empowered by refusing to deal with jargon and gobbledygook.

Chrissie Maher, OBE and founder of the campaign sends this message to the people of Liverpool, in particular our next generation, “Never let anyone take your rights away by blinding you with words. We all have a responsibility to do our best to understand, that’s why the basics of education are so vital. Those people telling you that spelling doesn’t matter, they have jobs. Don’t let them fool you into thinking that gobbledygook will hide their own ignorance and mistakes – the credit crunch has shown what lack of understand and unclear communications can do. Let’s arm ourselves with solid, plain speaking, that’s something in which the people of Liverpool are well rooted.”

Plain English Campaign have a “Spelling is Important” petition running on their website for all people to add their voice. This will be presented at the Houses of Parliament on 1 July 2009.
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