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Golden Bull awards 1991

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy

  • Clerical Medical Investment Group for 'Mortgage Repayments for Professionals'

'4.4 If the amount required to be produced by the cancellation of units allocated to the Policy and provided Section 3.3 of these Provisions shall not have applied then all units allocated shall be cancelled and the difference between such total charges and the amount produced by the cancellation of units shall be provided by the realisation of units subsequently allocated to the Policy in respect of the payment of future Investment Amounts such realisations being effected as in Section 4.3 above.'

And from their application form:

'Unless Section 4 has been completed, I declare that the policy is being effected with a view to the proceeds being used or alternatively that it will be assigned to or deposited with the lender named in Section 2, to repay a mortgage of a type falling within the terms given above on my main residence which is to be effected within three months of the date of the policy, and I acknowledge that the policy may be rendered void if it is established that the policy was not being effected for the purpose stated above, or, as the case may be, is not assigned or deposited with the lender within three months of the date of the policy.'

  • Creyf's Recruitment Limited for their terms of business for the supply of temporary workers

'The engagement or use by a Client of a Temporary Worker or former Temporary Worker(s) introduced by Creyf's whether for a definite or indefinite period, or the introduction of such Temporary Worker(s) to other employers with a resulting engagement, renders the Clients subject to the payment of an introduction fee calculated in accordance with Creyf's fees for permanent introductions, commencing gross taxable pay and taxable emoluments payable by the Client to the worker concerned, provided that the engagement takes place within a period of 6 months from the termination of any temporary assignment. No refund of the introduction fee will be made by Creyf's to the Clients in the event of the subsequent termination of such engagements.'

  • Cumbria County Council for a letter to a former employee

'In regard to your recent enquiry regarding your entitlement to retirement benefits if you were to be retired under the Voluntary Redundancy Scheme; when the added years awarded to you under the Scheme exceed 6.2/3rd years, there is a reduction of an amount equal to 30% of your redundancy payment in respect of each year (and part year) of service in excess of this. The amount is deducted from your additional lump sum, but if the said amount is greater than the additional lump sum, the outstanding balance is capitalised and deducted from the additional pensions. When the added years awarded are 6 years 243 days or less there is no reduction in your compensation.'

  • Girobank for 'Your Cheque Card is Changing'

'2. The Principal Cardholder must repay at least 5% of the amount shown on the statement as outstanding or £5 (or the full amount (if less than £5), whichever is greater, within 25 days of the statement date (or, if the Bank considers that it is for any reason impossible or impractical to provide or send a statement, from the date determined by the Bank, in accordance with Condition 18). (Condition 4.)'

  • West Bromwich Building Society for a letter to a customer

'As you have already effected insurance cover Mrs Smith with the Direct Line Insurance Company, the Society would certainly agree if it would assist you, to this insurance remaining in effect until the next renewal date in June 1991 and then the Society could arrange insurance cover as referred to above, under Block Policy Arrangements with the General Accident Insurance Company, but I look forward to hearing from you bearin in mind the administrative difficulties fo the Society if a borrower effected their own insurance cover, Mrs Smith, that you will agree to the Society effecting the normal insurance cover from the next renewal date in respect of the insurance with the Direct Line Insurance company in June 1991.'

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