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Customised style guides and copywriting

Our services go further than editing and training. We also offer custom-made style guides, copywriting and one-to-one consultations.

Style guides

We can provide a bespoke style guide for your organisation. While we already provide a number of free tools you can use to improve how you communicate, these offer only general help. You could have a style guide that features your own day-to-day examples and is built around your specific needs. A custom-made style guide costs from £1000+VAT. For more information, contact us at


If you need a document writing from scratch, we can help. We can write your leaflet, brochure, report, article and so on in line with your house style and plain-English principles to produce the copy you need. Even if you’re not quite sure what you need, talk to us. We can help you by providing samples of text.

As each copywriting job is unique, we’ll need specific details from you before we can provide information on costs.

And have you considered a one-to-one online consultation?

We can offer an online consultation about any of your language needs, be they about information that’s tricky to understand or convey, a piece you’re struggling to write, or anything that involves rewriting or editing. We would provide comprehensive guidance so you understand any suggestions we make.

An online consultation could help you to quickly resolve issues you are facing and get the results you need.

In some cases, your document can be edited and approved in one session, allowing you to earn a Crystal Mark in a day.

Prices for this service start from £100 per hour. For more information, phone us on 01663 744409 or send an email to

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