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Send us your small print

Plain English Campaign is supporting the Small Print Bill being processed through Parliament by Nick Palmer MP who is calling for 'a minimum font size in certain documents, including those relating to advertising and contracts; and for connected purposes'. Our exhibition will take place at the Jubilee Room at Westminster on 17 November between 2pm and 6pm and will be attended by MPs and invited industry leaders who have an interest in promoting clear communications.


The Small Print Bill aims to get rid of small print in advertising of any form, (whether billboards, television, online or literature), particularly references to terms and conditions or contractual details.

Small print has become a by word for any wording or message that is supposedly there to protect the consumer, but can often hide bias towards the protection of the seller and actually to the detriment of the consumer.

Whilst the Advertising Standards Agency and other civil service offices claim that there is sufficient protection in place for the consumer with existing legislation, we support Nick Palmer MP in suggesting that there is need for improvement in this area.

Organisations such as Age Concern and RNIB, whose areas of concern are focussed on some of the most affected groups in our society, have also expressed their support for the bill.

But to get the bill through, Nick Palmer needs examples from people who have suffered in a direct way due to inappropriate language, lack of clarity or simply the size of the print used in financial or legal documents.

If you have had a negative experience because of small print, please contact us either by telephone on +44 1298 815118, by post or by email. You can remain anonymous - we simply need to verify the facts.

Even if you have not had direct negative experience of small print, but feel that it is unacceptable, please express your opinion on our petition.

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