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The Independent calls for an end to gobbledygook language on food

Follow this link to see an article written by Brian Farmer in The Independent on 21 December 2008.

Plain English Campaign fully supports clear and honest communications because they help people to make informed decisions.
Plain English Campaign has been fighting for clearer communications in food labelling since 1999.


Sadly, the use of 'creative' phrases can create illusions and confusion - does the declaration that one chicken farmer cares for his chickens mean that those packages without that declaration have uncaring farmers?
Why not say in plain English that they have been treated humanely?

We wonder if statements such as "..... Fed on a unique vegetarian diet" and ".... and have a cereal-based diet" are causing concern for supporters of humane chicken production, and why the writers of these statements consider this information as being of positive value to the shopper.

At this time of year, it’s natural to focus on the advertising material for the Christmas bird, but the Campaign has a wider message, calling for common sense and real information in all advertising, rather than soft-selling statements.

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