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Plain English Campaign talking money at Wall Street

Plain English Campaign welcomes a banking specialist from the famous Wall Street of the United States of America to the lesser known Wall Street of Buxton. Sara Muñoz, journalist with the Wall Street Journal will arrive in Derbyshire, the home of plain English, to interview Chrissie Maher OBE and founder of Plain English Campaign about whether financial jargon was the cause of the credit crunch. You can read Sara Muñoz' article about Chrissie in the Wall Street Journal by following this link.

Chrissie and Sarah Munoz

Unfamiliar and unclear language in public communications from private and public financial organisations carries a cost to people, in their pockets and daily lives. The increase in complaints to the campaign about all kinds of poor financial information comes from people struggling financially, and against the waves of jargon and small print; whether in energy bills or mortgage details.

Chrissie says,”It hurts me to admit that this problem is getting bigger than any campaigning I can achieve in one lifetime. Any power in my small voice is being drowned out by the rubbish from the so-called ‘financial experts’, who are losing our trust and respect. The voice of the press has the power to reach so many. Newspapers have helped to spread the words of the campaign. They can show what really goes on in the world of big finance and just how it affects you and me.”

In December, Plain English Campaign will hold their 30th annual Golden Bull awards in London to ‘name and shame’ the worst jargon makers of the year.

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