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Labelling lunacy loose on our roads

Following complaints from drivers over the Easter break, we are highlighting the confusing and unnecessary road signs that have appeared up and down our roads and motorway.

Road users have asked us whether the increasing numbers of messages and signs are a help or a distraction. They have quoted ‘Don’t drink and drive’ messages and advice to look at websites as particularly annoying. And some visitors from abroad have struggled with phrases such as ‘adverse weather ahead’ instead of simply being told to expect rain, fog or snow.

The main objections we have received are against the unnecessary signs that are sprouting around on roads.

Chrissie Maher, founder of Plain English Campaign says, “No doubt installing these signs creates work for people and businesses, and it’s all well intentioned, but not well thought out. Any public information should be given in a way that can be read, understood and dealt with in a single reading.

It does seem odd spending money on simply labelling the roads and giving unnecessary and distracting messages, when the taxes we pay are needed to make roads safer. We are a society so obsessed with giving information, that we are in danger of literally going off the road.”

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