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Plain English, for a clearer view of your world

Congratulations are due for the launch of the first plain-English guide to eye prescriptions from the UK's largest supplier of  glasses, Glasses Direct.  
Glasses Direct proudly display the world-renowned Crystal Mark,  Plain English Campaign's symbol of clarity, on both the online and hard-copy versions of the full guide and quick information leaflet. The versions were produced as a joint project with the team at Glasses Direct, their marketing agency Incredibull, and the editors at Plain English Campaign.  This effort aims to give the public a better understanding of the details contained in their eye prescription so they can then use that information responsibly.

Opening the doors to the mysterious world of prescriptions has always been a priority for Plain English Campaign.  Early battles against the small print used in information on medicines and the language in health-information leaflets resulted in some improvements.  However, the fast-changing nature of industries such as pharmaceuticals and health care means that complicated language and jargon in public information can sometimes become a major concern for people who don't have any medical expertise.

Greater access to information on prescriptions is a good move if that information is in language that people can easily understand.  The initiative of Glasses Direct has helped clarify the information in eye prescriptions.  If someone knows what their prescription means, it can reduce any worries and concerns they may have about it.
Plain-English explanations give a person an element of control and choice, whether that is in terms of treatment or providers.

Chrissie Maher, founder of Plain English Campaign says, "It's up to each of us to look after ourselves and those we care for in the best way possible. But, unnecessary jargon can get in the way of crucial information.  When we understand what is involved, it helps us to make the best decisions to suit our needs or what we can afford.  Well done Glasses Direct for making this information crystal clear."

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