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Everybody matters in public affairs

Chrissie Maher, founder of Plain English Campaign, was thrilled to hear that she has been shortlisted for the Women in Public Life Awards 2010.  Chrissie has been nominated for the Public Affairs Achiever of the Year category as a result of her years of campaigning for clear public information.

The Dods and Scottish Widows Women in Public Life Awards celebrate women leaders in society and aim to recognise and promote the work of women in politics, business, the civil service and community leadership.  The ceremony will be held at The Northumberland in London WC2 on Thursday 23 September.

Chrissie considers any honour she receives to be recognition of the support and encouragement shown by supporters of her campaigning.

This nomination has prompted Chrissie to revive the campaign's 'Every Body Matters' awards as one of the categories in the annual Plain English Campaign Awards to be held in December 2010.

Plain English Campaign are known worldwide for their Golden Bull awards given to organisations for their unnecessary use of jargon and gobbledygook.  The 'Every Body Matters' awards will recognise people whose words or actions have made a difference to someone.

Chrissie says, "We each have a responsibility to communicate clearly and deal with things responsibly.  So many people go unnoticed, but sometimes it's the small actions or words that can make all the difference."

The campaign are asking members of the public to send their nominations to using the format below.

Name of person sending in the nomination:

Email address or phone number:

Name of person being nominated for an award:

Email address or phone number:

Reason for the nomination (brief description of what they did or said, when and where, and why it made a difference):


Full details of the annual awards are on the campaign’s website at

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