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Clear information gives confidence and control

‘Self-help’ and ‘do-it-yourself’ kits can be ideal, particularly in times when money is tight. But any kit is only effective if the result is reliable.

The recent Which? comparison of self-test kits demonstrates the varying quality and clarity of instructions and information. Without access to a health-care professional, the user is left with only the information in front of them. The experts who provided feedback on the kits said that the main problems lay with missing and unclear information. What isn’t said is often as important as what is said. And what is said needs to be clear and understandable the first time it is read.

The link below gives more feedback about the improvements that need to be made for these kits to be a real help. Poor and unclear information is a hindrance, and can even bring increased risks.

Link to Which? article on self-test health kits.

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