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One-woman’s shout

Plain English Campaign is honoured to be listed in a new publication due for release on May 5 2011 with Ellie Levenson’s second book, ‘50 campaigns to shout about’.

To celebrate this recognition, we are producing more stocks of our popular range of sticker messages from our ‘Jargon – you can stick it’ campaign so that anyone supporting clear public information can take action.

The stickers are available to the public from Plain English Campaign either by post or from electronic downloads on our website. The stickers can be added to any jargon or gobbledygook received in the post or online and the offending material can be ‘returned to sender’ with a clear message asking for plain English.

Chrissie Maher OBE, founder of Plain English Campaign says, “With so many people worldwide doing their best to bring about positive change for the more vulnerable, we are thrilled to have the fight against jargon recognised as a worthy cause. Every person has a right to information that can be understood with a single reading. Every person has the responsibility to communicate clearly. If just one person finds the confidence to shout out against unnecessary jargon, then our 30 years of fighting have been worthwhile.”

The fight against jargon was noted in Tony Gibson’s book, ‘The Power in our Hands’ back in 1996, when he wrote about the work of Chrissie Maher as a campaigner, not only as the founder of Plain English Campaign, but also in other community projects of the early 1970s, during a period of national recession.

This new publication offers practical advice such as involving politicians and other leaders on how to make the leap from issue to action.

Ellie Levenson, author of ‘50 Campaigns to shout about’, says, "It is really important that people can access information without being put off by language that is difficult to understand. The Plain English Campaign helps organisations be as inclusive as possible and so make society fairer."

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