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Award nominations

Plain English Campaign is accepting nominations for their 2012 Golden Bull awards, and two outstanding EU examples of gobbledygook have been received today. The first is from an EU office, 'The Directorate General Information Society and Media (DG INFSO)' and the second from the Spanish central bank, 'The Bank of Spain'.

The first example from the EU website tells us that ordinary 'thinking' and 'doing' is simply not enough in a digital future. We think that 'prepare for reflections' and 'anticipatory thinking' means plain old 'thinking ahead'! There probably isn't much space left on the 'time horizon' for that though, with all the 'envisaging of scenarios', 'generating of policy options ' and 'inspiring of strategic choices'.

"The project envisages scenarios on a time horizon 2040-50 and generates ideas and policy options with a view to inspire future strategic choices of DG INFSO and the Commission."


Amy Wilson's entry on the Telegraph website coverage for the debt crisis on Monday 26 March 2012 reported the second Golden Bull nomination. This is a hot favourite for a Golden Bull award to the Spanish central bank, The Bank of Spain, where the gobbledygook of 'activity contraction dynamic' is preferred to just 'shrinking'.

"11.45 Back to the not-so-light news - the Spanish economy is back in recession, after shrinking in the first quarter of 2012, following a contraction in the last quarter of 2011.

The country's central bank said today there had been an "activity contraction dynamic" in the first three months of this year, although it did not give an exact figure.

Sounds like the central bank also needs to be referred to the Plain English Campaign but that's another story."

This above example also prompted a more positive nomination. Amy Wilson has been nominated for a Plain English Campaign media award for the clear communication of The Telegraph's plain English live reporting on the debt crisis.

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