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Plain English communicators

For clear spoken public communications from an individual or organisation.

The 2012 plain English communicators are:


Mariella Frostrup (The Book Show, SKY)

For her continuing support and promotion of clear communications.

Mariella Frostrup has, for many years, fronted Sky’s highly successful Book Show. In that time she has remained an intelligent, accessible guide and prompter of interesting, revealing questions on behalf of the reading public, and continues to attract new readers and viewers at a low ebb for book sales.


Richard Quest (Quest Means Business, CNN)

Richard Quest has, for many years now, hosted Quest Means Business on CNN, a show which manages to be a uniquely entertaining and useful guide to the important business stories of the day, brought to the viewer in Quest’s inimitably enthusiastic and engaging manner, making a potentially dry and difficult subject rather more compelling than might have been the case.


Tony Pulis

Plenty of Premier League managers fail to speak plain English. Many of them speak in tired cliché and skirt – or avoid altogether – potentially controversial matters by waffling inconsequentialities. Tony Pulis, however, is a bit different. He tends to say what he thinks, eloquently and unequivocally. He also demands fair play from his team, and Stoke players under his charge will always mirror his approach.

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