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Golden Bull awards 2009

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy

  • Department of Health for information on their website about preventing disease

Primary secondary and tertiary prevention.
Primary prevention includes health promotion and requires action on the determinants of health to prevent disease occurring. It has been described as refocusing upstream to stop people falling in the waters of disease.

  • Patient Access to Electronic Records Limited for the automated arrival system that replaces receptionists in doctors' surgeries

... I arrive at my GP, only to be told that I haven't until I converse with a screen that invites me to "Touch the screen to arrive". My electronic check-in is completed by touching a virtual button labelled "arrive me".

  • Equity Red Star Insurance for a customer's motor insurance schedule


  • Dublin Airport Authority for a 109 word clause on contractors' agreement

(c) Neither the execution and delivery by the Consultant of this Agreement nor the consummation by it of any of the transactions contemplated hereby, requires, with respect to it, the consent or approval of the giving of notice to, the registration, with the record or filing of any document with, or the taking of any other action in respect of any government authority, except such as are not yet required (as to which it has no reason to believe that the same will not be readily obtainable n the ordinary course of business upon due application therefore) or which have been duly obtained and are in full force and effect.

  • LSIS (Learning and Skills Improvement Service) for a consultation booklet 'Statement of strategic direction' sent to schools

The government calls insistently for more innovation. But doing things in a new way will not necessarily lead to better outcomes. So, what do we mean by innovation? We share the thinking of, for example, the Work Foundation, which sees innovation not "as a set of discrete and singular moments of change" but rather as "a culture or process in which drivers of change are embedded in and facilitated by the strategic outlook of the organisation."
To draw an analogy from nature, innovation may be thought of as 'the new season‟s growth' rather than a series of isolated 'bright ideas'.

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service for a tax form to be completed by suppliers outside of the US

W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign status of beneficial owner for United States Tax
Hybrid entity – a hybrid entity is any person (other than an individual) that is treated as fiscally transparent in the US...
Reverse hybrid entity – a reverse hybrid entity is any person (other than an individual) that is not fiscally transparent under US tax law principles...
Fiscally transparent entity...
Disregarded entity...

  • Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd for a letter to distributors about deliveries

To outsource some aspects of our Finance transactional processing activities...
We will be transitioning certain transactional activities....
The goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible...
There will be two primary impacts to your organisation...
Does not impact your current terms...
Aiming to minimise any disruption to our business, and we expect our performance levels to stabilise soon after the transition period.

  • JMJ Associates for a health and safety document for employees

Principles of Incident and Injury-free leadership
Principle 4 IIF begins with a conversation for possibility
In the domain of safety, we have found people often do not distinguish between the conversations for possibility and conversations for probability, two vastly different conversations that produce vastly different results. Conversations for probability are common in organisational life, and they help predict the future based on what has occurred in the past. Conversations for possibility are much less common and they help us create futures that we could not have predicted from the past, something "making the impossible possible." The language of probability owns the mind and the language of possibility owns the heart; once the heart has embraced what is possible, the mind will never see things the same again.
Principle 7
IIF leaders are Integrally informed
IFF leaders see the world through multiple lenses, through the subjective domains of intentions, purposes, values and culture, and the objective domains of performance, measurement and results. Incident and Injury-Free leaders understand intuitively that these domains are not in conflict but rather, they are mutually supportive; they are each facets of the one real world we live and work in.
Principle 9 IIF is a journey, not a destination

  • Balaclava Public School for a letter to parents about making iced cup cakes

Dear parent/Guardians
The Grade 7 Science classes are nearing the completion for the unit Pure Substances and Mixtures. In this unit, students have been introduced to the Particle Theory of Matter, and to some of the terminology related to the field of chemistry. They have also been given the opportunity to explore, and conduct experiments related to the properties of solutions and mechanical mixtures.

At this time all students are encouraged to discuss with you the content and expectations of the culminating task along with how it will be assessed. This culminating task allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that he/she has learned throughout the module. Although students are responsible to independently complete this task, we would very much appreciate your assistance for the experimenting component, as students require access to a kitchen and some ingredients to develop their own mixture.
Thank you in advance for your interest and co-operation.


  • American Airlines Inc. for a "Property Irregularity Receipt"

An acknowledgement sent to a passenger that avoids the real problem of lost luggage.

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