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Golden Bull awards 1998

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy


  • Birmingham professor David Booth

He applied for a £170,000 grant to unlock the mysteries of 'the cognitive measurement of consumer criteria for manufacturer parameter values in biscuit texture'. In other words, the link between a biscuit's texture and the pleasure from eating it.

  • Department of Trade and Industry's draft legislation for the Minimum Wage

'the hours of non-hours work worked by a worker in a pay reference period shall be the total of the number of hours spent by him during the pay reference period in carrying out the duties required of him under his contract to do non-hours work.'

  • Assignment of Fees agreement from the Diocese of Durham


In pursuance of the said Agreement and in consideration of the undertaking hereinafter contained the Assignor hereby assigns to the Assignees all his/her right title and interest to such fees as aforesaid as may accrue or become payable from the date hereof during his incumbency of the Benefice of ... and hereby undertakes to remit to the Assignees all such sums received in respect of such fees to the intent that the same shall belong to the Assignees absolutely.'

  • The Home Office's Guidance on Statutory Crime and Disorder Partnership for the Crime and Disorder Bill 1998

'Non Co Terminus Agency Boundaries: It will be up to each partnership to agree internally how it can best tackle the difficulties which would be thrown up by a lack of co terminusity. The goal should be for every partner to configure its output in such a way as to maximise effectiveness without promising the individual agencies wider strategic goals.'

  • Letter from Inland Revenue (Leigh District)

'Your accountant is correct in his advice to you as in accordance with the Legislation contained at Section 134 Income & Corporation Taxes Acts 1988 it is directed that where an individual (the worker) renders or is under an obligation to render personal services to another person (the client) and is subject to or to the right of supervision, direction or control as to the manner in which he renders those services; and the worker is supplied to the client by or through a third person (the agency) and renders or is under an obligation to render those services under the terms of the contract between the worker and the agency and remuneration receivable under or in consequence of the contract would not, apart from Section 134 be chargeable to income tax under Schedule E then for all the purposes of the Income Taxes Acts the services which the worker renders or is under an obligation to render to the client under the contract shall be treated as if they were the duties of an office or employment held by the worker and all remuneration receivable under or in consequence of that contract shall be treated as emoluments of that office or employment and shall be assessable to income tax under Schedule E accordingly.'

  • North West Anglia Healthcare Trust advert

'We are seeking a smoke free facilitator (smoking cessation in NHS settings). The post holder will play a key part in piloting a practical tool kit to enable the delivery of effective smoking cessation interventions in the NHS.' Footnote: 'North West Anglia Healthcare Trust operates a no smoking policy.'

  • Letter from the Office of National Statistics

'As I am sure you are aware, ONS has to maintain the confidence of the public in order to be able to conduct the decennial census.'

'Very detailed statistics are produced and in order to prevent inadvertent disclosure of an individual or household, the counts are modified (blurred) using a statistical modification procedure at ED level (Enumeration District). This modification involves the addition of +1, 0 or -1 in a quasi-random pattern and in some instances are double blurred. Therefore when tables are produced where the ED counts have been modified and then aggregated up to form other areas such as the Local Council Areas, these counts will differ from an aggregate of unmodified counts.

I trust that the above now provides you with a satisfactory explanation.'

  • Safeway advert for new store in Chapel-en-le-Frith

'Ambient replenishment controller'

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